Scientific-grade fluorescence microscope MF43

MF43 is a research-grade fluorescence microscope latest developed by Mshot with excellent performance . The microscope adopts excellent quality infinity optical system and maximum fit to six fluorescence filter cubes. Meanwhile, the microscope can expand to phase contrast and dark field observation.

Monocular Stereo Fluorescence Microscope MZX11


MZX11 Monocular Fluorescent Microscope is made with continuous zoom Module, fluorescence module and camera, supports continuous zoom by 6.4∶1 zoom radio, use high quality coaxial epi-fluorescent Illumination system and high sensitivity sCMOS camera, to supply high resolution and high quality fluorescence image. Objective and fluorescence module is replaceable, match  variety of demand.

Stereo Fluorescence Microscope MZX81

mzx81Stereo fluorescence microscope  MZX81 is consist of Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope and epi fluorescent attachment, the epi fluorescent attachment is equipped with high bright LED light source. On the basis of  Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope excellent optical performance and high brightness fluorescent illumination, the MZX81 microscope provides a superior fluorescent observation performance. The microscope can offer blue and green filter groups in one unit, and support high quality GFP requirement.  It’s excellent for GFP,  nematode,drosophila,zebrafish and embryo fluorescence research. And widely used in biomedicine, in-vivo research, criminal investigation,mineral research ,etc.

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope MF53


 MF53 is a high end inverted fluorescence microscope close to scientific grade developed by Mshot, performance equivalent with Olympus CKX41. The microscope adopts excellent quality Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical System to make sure better fluorescence imaging. Meanwhile, MF53 also support phase contrast observation, simple polarization and photographic microscopy observation. MF53 inverted fluorescent microscope is ideal for live cell laboratory microscopy imaging.

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope MF52


Inverted fluorescence microscope MF52 is constituted by inverted phase contrast microscope system and epi-fluorescence microscope system. The LED light source as epi fluorescence illumination is high efficiency and safety for routine laboratory work.
The swing-in and swing-out type condenser system can achieve doing non-contaminated cultured cells observation in the high culture dish or in the cylindrical flask. Its modularity design concept of epi-fluorescent micro system makes it can be easily and safety adjusted the illumination system and switched the fluorescent filter groups. MF52 is widely applicable to do micro observation of cells tissue and transparent liquid tissue as well as to do the fluorescence microscope observation of bio-pharmaceutical, medical testing and disease prevention,etc.

LED fluorescence microscope MF10-LED


MSHOT MF10-LED epi-LED fluorescence microscope is a combination of infinity optical biological microscope with modular epifluorescence illuminator in LED light source. It is a good choice for health center, clinical laboratories, disease control center and other scientific research departments.

Since LED epi-fluorescence microscope was pointed as the most suitable microscope for TB diagnostic by WHO,it is widely used in basic clinical laboratories especially for immunofluorescence and microbiology.

MF31 LED Fluorescence Microscope


MF31 fluorescence microscope brings you a vivid full-range view and very high contrast fluorescence imaging by adopting excellent quality infinity optical system combined with blue LED fluorescence illuminators. Meanwhile, it will increase the samples’ visibility and contrast in the bright field with Abbe condenser. With excellent imaging performance and east to operate, MF31 having been widely applied in the area of Medical diagnostic, teaching & researching, and biological research etc.

CCD Cameras

MSHOT CCD cameras take use of high quality Sony sensor, featured with High Resolution High Light Sensitivity High Quality & Low Noise, High Speed and excellent color reproduction for microscopes,especially for fluorescence imaging.

1.4MP CCD Camera MC20-N – High Sensitivity & Low Noise


MC20-N is a newly high quality microscope camera developed by Mshot. It adopts large array and high-performance CCD with images cache technique. Performance is comparable with cooling type CCD camera. MC20-N CCD camera has the advantages of low noise, high definition and good color. The transmission is stable and reliable. Connected with USB2.0 interface, plug and play, no extra capture device and power are needed.

High Sensitivity 1.4MP CCD Camera MC25


MC25 is a 1.4MP high sensitivity CCD camera special for waek fluorescence microscope imaging. It adopts Newest Sony EXview HAD CCD II Series ICX825 sensor, take advantage of high sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range. Optimized micro lens, improved the response to near-infrared light. The sensitivity in environment of near-infrared is 3 times as traditional CCD Sensor. MC25 can reduce the thermal noise under long time exposure. Additional with image caching technology, the image transmission is stable and reliable. MC25 is an ideal microscope camera for weak fluorescence and complex light under microscope.

CMOS & sCMOS Cameras

CMOS sensors are catching up and will soon match CCD in terms of resolution and overall quality.MSHOT CMOS cameras are designed for microscope imaging to acquire high quality microscope images

MD80-4K – Ultra HD CMOS Camera


MD80-4K is the ultimate live display microscope camera for bright field imaging. MD80-4K offers full, ultra high definition, 3840×2160 output (up to 30fps) with 1400 TV lines of resolution.This fast frame rate enables the operator to move samples without smear lag or jitter. It automatically adjusts to changes in light intensity. No more fumbling with the intensity controls of your microscope or camera. 1 button white balance and preprogrammed scene files makes MD80-4K simple to use.

MS80 – 8.8MP sCMOS camera


MS80 is a 8.8 megapixels digital camera with USB3.0 data port for microscopy imaging purpose, it featured with 2/3″ large area sensor to make sure image clarity, also rapid speed, true colour reproduction and high sensitivity, extremely on represent vivid colour details. That makes the M880 microscope camera is outstanding for bright field, phase contrast, pathology diagnosis, metallurgical analysis, stereo observation, epi fluorescence, etc microscopy imaging applications.